"The Top 5 things you need to know if you have been injured in a car accident!"

1) The majority of primary care physicians do not provide comprehensive injury care for auto, sports, or personal injuries.
2) Your health insurance may not take care of injuries sustained in an auto or personal injury accident.
3) If you don't seek medical care within 14 days after an injury your auto insurance may not cover you.
4) You do not need to have an attorney to be treated by Dr. Crespo.
5) You have the right to be treated for your injuries, even if you are at fault.  You are still covered.
If you have sustained an injury due to a car or personal accident, let us help.

- Receive Comprehensive Injury Care from a Medical Doctor

- Dr. Crespo worked 13 years as head of ER

- Masters Level Physical Therapist

- Utilizing the Newest Technology

- Decompression using DRX9000

- All Spine Injuries

- Soft tissue injuries also treated

- Stop waiting for an hour or more to see your doctor.

- Appointments are not required.

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World Class Physician and Staff

Having served the Tampa Bay area for over 35 years Luis E. Crespo M.D. created a unique multidisciplinary facility dedicated to the nonsurgical treatment of the acutely and chronically injured patient using the most advanced techniques available to increase their physical capacity and to help them return to daily activities, work, and sports.  Allow us to treat your injuries whether they are from an auto accident, a personal injury or a chronic condition.

Diagnostic Imaging with our Open MRI

We provide onsite Diagnostic Imaging so we can begin addressing your spinal issues immediately. We offer injection therapies, massage and physical rehabilitation therapy. Functional capacity assessment and automated impairment rating by ARCON.


Computerized strength training using state-of-the-art MedX equipment. Spinal decompression technology for lower back and neck pain. A full Physical Therapy Department with a Masters Level, licensed Physical Therapist.

Facing spinal surgery? What you need to know before you choose - let us help you decide.

FACT: With the Crespo Technique(SM) of Non Surgical Spine Care we may be able to alleviate your pain caused by a herniated or slipped disc without surgery.


- Knowing the right questions to ask

- When is the right time to have surgery

- Exploring non-invasive alternatives