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Depending on your injury type, complete the related form.  Click here.

Your First Visit to our office


Either Luis Crespo, MD or Judith A. Dano, Nurse Practitioner will examine you and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Your personalized treatment plan may include medications, rehabilitation, and/or therapy. Testing will be ordered when required for your diagnosis. Our scheduling coordinator will gladly schedule any appointments before you leave and facilitate any referrals ordered.


What should I bring?

Please bring a picture I.D. such as your driver's license so that we may scan it to have a photo of you.

We will ask for a list of all medications you are presently take including prescription drugs, vitamins and minerals.  In addition we will ask for your health history and your family's health history.  So you might want to do some "research" before you come.

If your injuries are auto-accident related we will need a copy of your automobile insurance card as well as your health insurance card.  In addition you will need to obtain a claim number from your insurance company for the accident whether it is your fault or not.

In addition, if you have had either MRI"s or X-rays taken as a result of this injury it would be most helpful, although not a necessity, if you could bring them with you.


What therapy maybe recommended?


Ultra Sound

The therapist will apply a small bit of gel to the area to be treated and rub a wand softly over your skin. This is a pain free procedure that increases blood circulation to your muscles thereby helping them to relax and to be prepared for the next modality.


E-stim and Hot Packs

The therapist will place two to four electrical stimulation pads and hot packs on the area to be massaged. The e-stim will help relieve the muscle spasms while the hot packs work to relax the muscles. They will stay on for about ten minutes. As you begin to feel the slight tingling sensation, the therapist will ask for your feedback to make sure you do not experience any discomfort but at the same time achieve the maximum results possible.


NMT Massage / Myofascial Release

This therapy involves hands-on massage and may cause some discomfort to the affected area. Deep tissue massage is necessary to breakup the trigger points and to reduce muscle spasms. Your therapist will ask for your feedback during this treatment. Please let her know if the pressure is too light or too heavy, as communication is vital to the treatment's success.


Hydro Chair

You will sit comfortably for about fifteen minutes in a chair that provides dry hydrotherapy for your neck and back. This procedure utilizes warm pulsating jets of water to relieve tension and to promote healing by increasing muscle relaxation and blood circulation.


What should I do to prepare for my first visit?

Please bathe before each session and avoid wearing strong perfumes and colognes. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove. We'll make every effort to protect your clothing from the massage oil, but if this concerns you, please feel free to bring a change of clothing. Also, please bring something to tie up your long hair.


Anything else I should know?

Because of scheduling difficulties, no one specific therapist can see you each and every time. All of our therapists are equally trained and here to help you. We encourage you to feel free to communicate your needs and concerns to any staff members.




Cervical or Lumbar Rehab on MedX Equipment

To help you recover our therapists use a computer generated rehabilitation program designed to strengthen your neck muscles. We will also teach you strengthening and stretching exercises that you can do at home.

Rehabilitation starts with a Functional Capacity Assessment to determine your vertical strength and to give your therapist a baseline measurement so that we can monitor the progress you're making over the course of your treatment.

During each subsequent rehab session your therapist will help you with a series of strengthening exercises. Afterwards you may receive the placement of electrical stimulation and cold packs  to reduce any muscle swelling or pain.


Testing Protocols

To determine the existence of any physical limitations created by your injury, Dr. Crespo or Nurse Judy may order one or more of the following computer generated tests: Cervical and / or lumbar range of motion, hand grip, pinch grip, upper and / or lower extremity range of motion or strength tests.

The combination of these therapy and testing protocols provides the most effective treatment of most soft tissue injuries.


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