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Fact: You do not need to have an attorney to be treated by Dr Crespo.  


Whether you were the victim of someone else’s driving negligence, you caused the accident yourself, or your accident only involved your vehicle, Dr. Crespo will see you and make sure that your medical needs are met.  He will bill your auto insurance for payment in either case as it stands as your primary insurance coverage.

The State of Florida is a “No-Fault” state when it comes to motor vehicle accidents.  It doesn’t matter who is “at fault” for the auto accident, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP), including any additional Med Pay you may have purchased, will pay for your medical bills. 


If you have any questions, we encourage you to check with your own auto insurance carrier to verify your coverage.


Individuals involved in an automobile accident, no matter how minor, should consider seeking medical care if symptoms arise such as joint or muscle pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness or unexplained headaches.  Many times people will reason,  “My vehicle incurred very little damage, how can I be hurt?” yet they have no better explanation for their symptoms.


Whether you were treated at an emergency room or not, Crespo and Associates encourages you to eliminate those fears or concerns by being examined by a medical professional. You may elect to visit your primary care physician or a Walk-In Clinic. However, many primary care doctors or family practitioners do not file with automobile insurance. Dr. Crespo does and his capable staff will be happy to assist you with the necessary paperwork to file your claim.


Patients who are recovering from the physical trauma of their injuries do not need the added stress of negotiating the maze of insurance forms that are often required to document treatment and request reimbursement,” observes Dr. Crespo.
In addition your Primary Care physician will most likely have to refer you out to a specialist for examination and possible treatment.  So while your family physician can take care of your medication requests, they are usually unable to offer an effective physical therapy treatment plan for your injuries.  Dr. Crespo offers the services of a Masters Level Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapy Assistant, a Trainer, as well as the skills of 5 Licensed Massage Therapists.  After his comprehensive examination he will tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.  Office hours for therapy are extended to meet your scheduling needs.
In the event your accident involves a legal case, Dr. Crespo will give testimony to the details of your injuries and your future medical costs if applicable.
Remember, just because you had a “fender bender” do not discount the need to seek medical care.  Your symptoms could indicate a much more serious injury than you might think.

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