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Luis E. Crespo M.D. | Developer of the Crespo Technique(SM) of Non-Surgical Spine Care




Comprehensive Injury Care specializing in Auto Accident Injury.  


All types of acute injuries are treated at the clinic. Our statistics show whiplash (due to rapid deceleration or acceleration) to the neck and mid- to lower back region are the most common injuries seen. Many of the patients have been injured as the result of sports, occupational incidents or automobile accidents. Bending, lifting, twisting, even walking, become difficult, painful movements. In the U.S. back symptoms are the most common cause of disability for persons under age 45. According to Cornell University Professor Alan Hedge, back symptoms are among the 10 leading causes for patient visits to emergency rooms, hospital outpatient departments and physicians’ offices. The symptoms of these injuries often cause patients to inappropriately use emergency rooms as a source of ongoing post-injury care, according to Dr. Crespo, a trauma medicine veteran. Dr. Crespo saw this firsthand during his more than 13 years of emergency and trauma medicine practice in the Tampa Bay area as medical director of Emergency Medicine at Memorial and Town & Country hospitals. He says it was that observation coupled with his interest in injury trauma and his love of neurology and orthopedics that led him to diversify his practice. He began his clinical practice for comprehensive injury care and rehabilitation in 1996. Pain management was a logical extension, and today, Dr. Crespo is a member of Hillsborough County Medical Association.

Educational Background



  • Universidad Central del Este C.E.T.E.C. University  Domincan Republic


  • Degree: Doctor of Medicine


  • 1982-1983 Baptist Hospital (University of Tennessee - Nashville, TN) Post Graduate, Year 2 General Surgical Resident


  • 1981-1982 Baptist Hospital (University of Tennessee - Nashville, TN) Post Graduate, Year 2 General Surgical Resident




Medical Licensure


  • 1985 Florida






  • American Medical Association


  • Florida Medical Association


  • American Academy of Pain Management


  • American Academy of Pain Medicine


  • Florida Academy of Pain Medicine


  • North American Spine Society


  • The American Association of Orthopedic Medicine


  • National Association of Disability Evaluating Professionals

Summary of Qualifications


  • 35+ years of experience.

  • Strong 13-year background diversified emergency medicine and trauma medicine.

  • Supervised a staff up to 30 associates.

  • Interrelates with people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

  • Develops and maintains a positive medical experience. Consistent in CME to optimize performance.

  • Interfaces with other professionals and technical staffing.

  • Excellent oral and written proficiency.

  • Professional and committed to standards of excellence. Bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

  • Uncompromising integrity and organization loyalty.

  • Creator of the Crespo Technique(sm) of Non-Surgical Spine Care

Professional Experience


1996 - present
Comprehensive Injury Care and Rehabilitation, Tampa, Florida
Private Practice.
1993 -1996
Memorial Hospital, Tampa, Florida
Director of Emergency Medicine. Full time Emergency Medicine.
Founder and CEO of Crespo & Associates Emergency Physicians, P.A., which provided emergency medical services to the hospital.
Town and Country Hospital, Tampa, Florida
Director of Emergency Medicine. Full-time Emergency Medicine.
Founder and CEO of C & A Emergency Physicians, P.A., which provided emergency medical services to the hospital.
St. Anthony's Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida
Oversaw 6 physicians in an Emergency Medical Group.
Centro Asturiano Hospital, Tampa, Florida
Physician. Full time Emergency Medicine.
V.A. Hospital, Bay Pines, St. Petersburg, Florida
Surgical on Duty. Emergency Medicine, Surgical Intensive Care, Surgical Sub Specialties Coverage.
Military Entrance Processing Station, Tampa, Florida
Luis Crespo, MD, Tampa, Florida
Physician. Assistant in family practice.